Metal Coated Mirror

Material: Optical glass and Fused silica

Product Description


Material: Optical glass and Fused silica

Diameter: 1 to 300 mm

Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.1 mm

Thickness tolerance: ±0.02 mm

Surface Quality: 20-10

Surface Figure: λ/10

Parallelism: 1 minute

Coating: Aluminum, Silver, Gold and Dielectric


MaterialBK7 grade A optical glass
Dimension Tolerance±0.2 mm
Clear Aperture> 85%
Parallelism< 30 arc minutes
Surface Quality60-40 scratch and dig
FlatnessSee the table @632.8 nm
Protective Bevel0.25 mm x 45°
CoatingR > 90% on S1

BK7 Metal Coated Mirror Standard Products:

Part No.Size(mm)FlatnessCoating
TCM601Ф25×3λ/4Ag protect
TCM602Ф25×6λ/10Ag protect
TCM603Ф25×3λ/4Au protect
TCM604Ф25×6λ/10Au protect
TCM605Ф25×3λ/4Al protect

Note: Other material, size and coating are available upon request.

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