Penta Prism

Material: Optical glass, Fused silica, Sapphire.

Product Description



Material: Optical glass, Fused silica, Sapphire.

Dimension: 1-250 mm

Dimension Tolerance: +0/-0.1 mm

Surface Flatness: λ/10@632.8 nm

Surface Quality: 10-5

Angular Accuracy: 5 Second

Coating: Uncoated, AR, HR, Beamsplitter ect.


MaterialBK7 grade A optical glass
Dimension (h) Tolerance±0.1 mm
Dimension (A) Tolerance±0.2 mm
Clear Aperture>80%
Surface Quality60-40 scratch and dig
90° Deviation Tolerance:< 30 arc sec., up to 5 arc sec.
Flatness:λ/2 at 632.8 nm(Standard), up to λ/4 @632.8 nm
ReflectivityR>95% per face @630-680 nm
Protective Bevel0.25 mm x 45°

BK7 Penta Prism Standard Products:

A x h (mm)1 min. deviation30 sec. deviation10 sec. deviation5sec. deviation
Part No.Part No.Part No.Part No.
7 x 6TPP101TPP201TPP301TPP401
8 x 8TPP102TPP202TPP302TPP402
10 x 10TPP103TPP203TPP303TPP403

Note: Other sizes, material and coatings are available upon request.

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